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Since a lot of brands already had released their fall collections, we should prepare for the fall season as well *ahem*.  Our skin condition changes all year round – from dry to normal, normal to oily, etc. (or some people have luck and just have normal skin all the time). Our lip area is affected as well, as for myself, I have sahara lips almost all year round. It is very important to me to use a good lip conditioner/lip balm/miracle. Before deciding what lipstick (or lipstick brand) to wear this season, let’s start with a good pampering lip treatment. My little wonders, that helped my lips to heal and look almost normal are Bobbi Brown eye cream (yes, good for my lips bad for my eyes), Kanebo lip treatment and my holy grail Jack Black.

Bobbi Brown eye cream, Kanebo lip treatment, Jack Black

Bobbi Brown Eye Repair Cream has a thick texture but completely sinks into my lips after one minute (no matter how much I apply). It didn’t work for my eye area at all, my lids felt very tight after one hour (I could slap on tons and tons and my eyes still would feel dry). However, it works great as a night treatment for my lips. I apply a rather thick layer and in the morning my lips feel smooth and plumped. I also noticed a huge improvement in my lip texture (fine lines are not as visible, lipsticks go on smoother and won’t dry my lips out that much).

Kanebo Sensai Total Lip Treatment was a gift with purchase some time ago. What bothers me the most is the smell – chemical disaster. It also tastes like a chemistry lab but at the end it did help my lips. I have to say, the first improvements I got after three weeks, that’s a really long time. However, the results lasted a while, without using it every night/day. That’s a huge plus (I have to use the BB eye cream regularly, otherwise my lips will still be cracked). This lip treatment is very expensive and I think, even though it really helps condition my lips, if you don’t have a lot of problems with dryness, it is not a must have.

Jack Black Lip Balm is my holy grail. Out of the three products, this is the cheapest lip product and delivers fast results. Unlike the BB cream or Kanebo, here I have to wait a few minutes till I can apply a lipstick on top (no matter how little I use), otherwise my lipstick won’t stay there for long.

Bobbi Brown eye cream, Kanebo lip treatment, Jack Black

As you can see there is no perfect lip product but the combination of the three lip balms (or eye cream) is the key – at least for me.

While pampering and preparing your lips for the fall season is one important thing, choosing the right lipstick formula – another.

There are so many brands and formulations to choose from, that it might be confusing to pick the one for ourselves. I think here we can say, for each person work different formulations (of course). I picked five different shades and textures.

Suqqu, Hourglass, Guerlain, YSL, Chanel

Suqqu, Hourglass, Guerlain, YSL, Chanel

Suqqu Ichijiku, Hourglass Icon, Guerlain Nuit d'amour, YSL Ultimate Beige, Chanel Satin

Suqqu Ichijiku is the perfect fall colour for me. Beside its divine texture, I just adore this colour. A full review can be found here .

Hourglass Icon was my first Hourglass lipstick. It looks very dark in the bullet but once applied it transfers to a gorgeous deep cool toned red (very sophisticated). The texture is smooth but not buttery or slippery. It sets rather satin or demi-matte on my lips (what I like, most of the lipsticks out there are either glossy, medium or completely matte). This lipstick lasts very long, up to four hours, leaving a soft, even stain (still very visible).

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Nuit d’Amour is my favourite lipstick formula of all times! It has a gel like texture (but not completely, rather a mix), goes on very smooth, is moisturizing enough to wear it on not-so-good-lip-days and it lasts quite long. The colour is buildable form soft to visible (I need three to four swipes). All of the Guerlain Rouge Automatiques deserve an award for the best lipstick ever.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte #3 Ultimate Beige one of the very few beiges I can wear. The colour has a slightly mauve undertone. The formulation is ok … I have to say, my lips have to be in a good condition otherwise this lipstick will make my lips peel. I find, the best way to apply rouge voluptes is to layer them up to three times (blotted down after each layer). They last for about two hours on me, leaving a very soft stain. Not my favourite lipstick formula but when there is a colour I really like, it doesn’t bother me that much (like Rose Paris – beautiful!)

Chanel Rouge Coco #34 Satin is going to be my everyday fall colour, it is a soft yet buildable muted pink-beige. The texture of all Rouge Coco’s is rather normal – on the dry side. When my lips are in a good condition, I have no problems wearing those. They last up to two hours, fade rather evenly and leave a very (almost non existent) stain. My favourite Chanel lipstick formula is … Rouge Allure! In my opinion, the best Chanel lipstick formulation.

Suqqu Ichijiku, Hourglass Icon, Guerlain Nuit d'Amout, YSL Ultimate Beige, Chanel Satin

I think the flash pic shows the different textures quite well. Suqqu is the creamiest and Chanel the most matte (out of those lipsticks above, it is not completely matte), Guerlain is the sheerest, Suqqu and Hourlass the most opaque. Overall, beside my beloved reds, I see me wearing a lot of deep berries and brown or mauve based lipsticks this fall.  An other lipstick review (also great for fall, deep purple based) can be found here as well.

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