Get Ready For Fall – Blush

Since fall is the season of deep, red or soft nude colours to me, I will share my five favourite blushes for fall this year. In fact, red is the colour that recurs in most of my favourites posts. I would even call it my signature colour, so no surprise here, that I have chosen a red again.

RMS-Beauty-Rapture-Chanel-Rouge-Blush-NARS-Dolce-Vita-Chanel-Tweed-Rose-Burberry-RussetAs much as I go for quality, the packaging is important as well. It is not always about the product but also the feel to use something special, luxurious. A lot of people may disagree with me but that’s how I choose my products (not only in this particular post).

RMS-Beauty-Rapture-Chanel-Rouge-Blush-NARS-Dolce-Vita-Chanel-Tweed-Rose-Burberry-RussetRMS Beauty Rapture – a deep brown based red without any shimmer. The texture is very creamy and not drying at all (I have problems with Becca’s cream blushes, they are very drying on me). It never really sets, looks luminous and my skin appears moisturized. It won’t dry out my lips as well (I rarely go matchy-matchy though, cheeks and lips the same colour). I did a review while back here.

Chanel Rouge – the most beautiful Chanel blush ever! The texture is very soft, it is pigmented, smooth and lasts all day on me. It has some shimmer, which I don’t mind. This blush, I would call the perfect fall colour. The brush is not that good, in fact, I don’t use it at all (well, I just prefer my Hakuhodo and Chikuhodo brushes, of course!).

NARS Dolce Vita – a muted brown based rose, matte. Nars blushes are a hit or miss, if there is a colour I like, I don’t hesitate to get it. It is medium pigmented. What I like the most is how the colour looks on my skin, an almost mauve rose. The texture is not the best out there but it doesn’t look powdery on me at all.

Chanel Tweed Rose – a soft rose colour, with a hint of pink beige.  It has some shimmer, what doesn’t surprise me, almost all Chanel blushes have some (should I say, I expect them to have shimmer?). It feels very solid in touch and is not very pigmented. What I like about Chanel blushes, they let my skin ‘shine’ through and never look powdery. For me, it is not about the texture here but how they transform once applied.

Buberry Russet – an orange based brown. This was my first Burberry blush and as you can see it looks almost untouched, this is how pigmented it is. It may appear a bit powdery but it is still smooth in touch, in fact, it almost feel creamy if you swirl you finger in it (well, you do if you take swatches). I also like the smell a lot, a soft floral powdery scent (I think this is how all of their products smell, more or less the same). It is not overpowering and not very noticeable once applied.

RMS-Beauty-Rapture-Chanel-Rouge-Blush-NARS-Dolce-Vita-Chanel-Tweed-Rose-Burberry-Russet-swatchWhat are your favourite blushes for fall? Are you going to pick at least one red blush?

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