Guerlain Rouge Automatique Shine #760 Lou-Ling

guerlain lou ling guerlain lou ling

After I saw some swatches, I knew I had to get Lou-Ling. Guerlain’s fall collections, one of my favourites, never (almost never) disappoint me anyway. Since I am a huge fan of their Rouge Automatique range and I love anything red (all kind of reds actually), I am more than happy with my purchase.

Lou-Ling is a deep plummy ruby-red in the bullet but once applied it is a raspberry red with a hint of plum on me (it has red and golden sparkles, very sparse silver shimmer). It depends on how pigmented my lips are, it looks either more pink or more red then. I used four layers for my swatch (applied with lipbrush). The staying power is (like with all my other Rouge Automatique Shines) about two hours (depends on what you eat, drink, etc., of course). It leaves a soft red stain and the shimmer will be visible (won’t move though, stays put where you apply it) and also fades evenly.

Due to the shimmer (it is more shimmery than lets say Guerlain Extrait de Rose for instance), it is also more drying. Not a huge problem for me, since I use a lip balm underneath anyway. If you have very dry lips, I think you have to try it on first and see how you will come along with it. The texture is very smooth and balmy, not slippery. It has the signature Guerlain scent. I find it quite pigmented for a Shine Automatique.

guerlain lou ling swatch

guerlain lou ling swatch

guerlain lou ling swatch

Both are very heavy swatches, if you sheer it out the colour becomes lighter as well (just saying, don’t expect an opaque colour when you sheer a product out). I couldn’t capture the shimmer very well but it has quite a lot of it. I did a bit of a duck face here (my lips are uneven and this way they look … well, more even). I pull everything a bit more pink than most people I believe. It may look more red on you (it’s a wee bit darker and more red in real life on me though and it looks more glossy, when applied fresh).

What an amazing colour! What I like the most, is how reflective those tiny sparkles are (why not in my pictures?!), they give a quite nice dimension to your lips (and make the colour very interesting). Lou-Ling is for you if you don’t mind shimmer, have quite moisturized lips and like sheer but buildable colours with decent staying power. I don’t have anything similar in my collection (I find this colour quite chameleon-esque).

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