KIKO Nail Polish #254

Kiko-nail-polish-254 As you may have already noticed, KIKO nail polishes are my favourite drugstore nail polishes. Their quality is amazing and some colours (texture, application, longevity) beat some high-end brands.

Kiko-nail-polish-254 The picture above was taken with flash, two layers. Do you see those extraordinary sparkles? Mh, ok, not that unique but just look how they sparkle! If someone would just give me the brush and I wouldn’t know this nail polish is drugstore, I would totally say – high-end! The texture is very smooth and applies very even. The colour is a deep burgundy pink with fuchsia and blue sparkles, it has a raspberry opalescent base. It is completely dry after ten minutes and stays on for three days chip-free (without any top coat).

Kiko-nail-polish-254 This picture was taken after three layers, the colour looks more like in the bottle then. Not all colours have the same quality, some of them apply very uneven or their texture is very thick and hard to work with (they basically need more practise). This particular colour is phenomenal and it reminds me of a very cozy christmas evening. I have a lot of KIKO nail polish reviews and swatches to come, so stay tuned for more pictures soon.

I already did a small review on some other colours with brush comparison, you can take a look here. Have you tried KIKO nail polishes? What are your favourite nail polish colours lately?

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