Chantecaille Lip Chic China Rose

chantecaille china rose chantecaille china rose

Chantecaille Lip Chic in China Rose was my first product I got from this brand. The moment I applied this beauty onto my lips, I felt the pure luxury this brand stands for. What is a Lip Chic (paraben-free)? The perfect combination of gloss and lipstick, high shine meets rich, even coverage, added collagen gives lips a plumping boost (according to Chantecaille). And yes, everything is true. Lip Chics retail for 35 US$ (.07oz 2g).

The colour is very interesting, not because the shade itself is uber unique but it actually looks the same in the bullet and once applied (on me). I have the tendency to turn everything a bit more pink, hence my fascination with this particular soft rusted rosy orange shade. It contains very fine, almost copper shimmer and very sparse light green sparkles (not noticeable once applied). The texture is very buttery and not slippery, it feels moisturizing and plumping. This Lip Chic never dried out my lips nor gave me a white line. The pigmentation varies between sheer and medium pigmented (one swipe), can be layered to a visible colour (I need about four layers). It stays on for (at best) two hours, leaving a very soft stain.

Chantecaille-Lip-Chic-China-Rose-swatchI used two swipes for my arm swatch and four for my lip swatch. As you can see, it leaves such a beautiful sheen and my lips appear plumped, smoothed out and just very well moisturized. This is my favourite colour out of all the Lip Chics and I am going to repurchase it, if I (ever) will run out.

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