Addiction Lipstick Confiture

Addiction Confiture LipstickConfiture? How could you not want this lipstick! The colour really is that bright in real life (picture above) but it has a sheer and glossy formulation, therefore, once applied it rather gives a hint of a yellow based orange hue. It depends on your lip pigmentation, how this colour will look on you. The texture is interesting, the lipstick itself feels very solid (not buttery or soft) but goes on very balmy (not slippery). As mentioned, it is very sheer but still has enough colour to show up after one swipe. The staying power is about an hour on me, it leaves a very soft peachy orange tint on my lips. It doesn’t have a scent.

Addiction Confiture, Chanel Incandescente, Dior Riviera, Chantecaille China Rose swatchAs you can see from the swatches above, Confiture changes its colour, on my arm swatches: up to seven layers (left), three layers (right), one layer (comparison swatch), two layers (lip swatch). Due to my lip pigmentation and tendency to pull everything more pink, it looks quite peachy orange on me. I really like the not over the top glossy finish (or sheen). Addiction’s sheer lipstick formulations also work great as a blush. I don’t need to mix them with vaseline or RMSBeauty Lip&Skin Balm to achieve a healthy (to me: with a soft sheen or satin), non drying finish. Confiture lasts all day on my cheeks.

I have it for quite long now and as you can see it looks barely touched, even though it is sheer and you need more swipes, the solid lipstick texture allows the lipstick to live longer. I also haven’t noticed any build-up, the more you apply, the more colour you get (obviously) but you won’t have a ton of product on your lips. It also feels very comfortable. If you have dry lips and are looking for a sheer but still visible lipstick, I highly recommend taking a look at Addiction’s sheer lipsticks (they other lipsticks are nice as well by the way).

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