Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté #22 Prune Exquise

ysl exquisite plum 1 ysl exquisite plum

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté #22 Prune Exquise is a deep plummy shade, leaning rather warm. The formulation is very creamy and slippery. I have to blot it down and layer to the opacity I like, otherwise I have to worry, that I will end up with some vampy strokes/smearing while eating or drinking. Beside matte or velvet textures, I do this with all balmy lipsticks. This is one of those colours, I really like wearing in wintertime. It adds the special touch to my outfit and makeup look. The staying power is about two hours on me, it leaves a rather strong, visible stain. It smells like melon, I can see how this can bother some people, it also takes some time till the scent has faded. Since my lips are in good condition, I haven’t experienced any major drying but a while back, I couldn’t wear RVs. It can make your lips peel as well. The packaging is right up my alley, I love the golden lipstick case.

On my skintone it pulls more plummy than on my friend’s NC20. I find that quite interesting, it also looked more reddish plummy on her. The tendency to convert colours, is something I still find rather fascinating. My lips aren’t very pigmented, with a cool mauvey tint.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte 22 Exquisite Plum, Prune Exquise On my arm swatch I applied two layers, on my lip swatch four (each blotted down, the top layer shows how glossy it looks – not blotted). I haven’t used a lip brush here, normally I do so with every vampy/deep/red shade, to sharpen the edges of my lips. As you can see, it still was possible to apply this colour very even (I don’t think it is possible if your lips aren’t as full though, I had to be very careful). Mixed with my RMS Beauty Lip&Skin Balm it also worked as a blush (I think, companies should do more vampy, plummy blushes, it’s hard to find one, that I really like, I have some from Illamasqua though, I think I just need more variety).

This lipstick may not be for everyone, I think the texture just has to suit your lip condition, otherwise it won’t look very pretty (but that is the case with every formulation, right?). I am very satisfied, for me it actually was the colour that got me thinking: I need you Prune Exquise! I also have some more vamps form YSL, which will be featured in my vampy swatch post.

I rarely go matchy-matchy but I had to do so with this colour, not a shade match but a theme match: Chanel Nail Polish in Provocation was my inspiration for a classy vamp look. Prune Exquise added a vintage touch to my whole look, the icing on the cake. I used three layers to get the deep burgundy plum colour. The shade looks darker than in the bottle with only two layers as well though.

Chanel Provocation Nail Polish

Dior Base Coat / Chanel Provocation (three layers) / Chanel Laque Brilliance Extrême

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