Festive Makeup Look

Festive Makeup Look with Chanel Variation, Chanel Famous, Suqqu Botaniro, Essie Head MistressWe already left year 2012 behind us, welcome 2013! This is what I used for my goodby 2012 festive occasion. A mix of red, a variation of a sparkly lilac and blackout burgundy and soft pink. Not to mention the bubbly champagne I had together with friends and family.

Chanel Rouge Allure FamousChanel Rouge Allure Famous was limited edition in 2011 (holiday collection) but still one of my go to colours, it actually reminds me of a very nice time I had last year (christmas), hence my decision to wear it this year as well. The texture feels a bit gritty due to all that pretty shimmer there but it isn’t as drying as a lot of other shimmery/glittery lipsticks. The colour is a harmonious play between a cool toned bold red and a soft fuchsia undertone. I used two layers for my swatch.

Chanel VariationChanel #37 Variation definitely is a stand out palette among all the Chanel quads available. My favourite colours are the deep eggplant (demi-matt) and the soft mauvey lilac (infused with complex shimmer). The off white highlight colour (with a soft pearly pink base) makes either a great base (pearly finish) or works as a mixing colour. The glittery moss-green I used mainly on top of my whole eye makeup (in the center). This shade is the most glittery one in this palette, used dry I also noticed some fallout. For my swatches I applied all eyeshadows wet (what I always do with Chanel’s baked formulas btw). The texture differs here, due to its pearly base, the highlight colour is the smoothest. The demi-matt eggplant applies very even (wet) but still has a rather dry texture. The mauvey lilac needs to be layered at least two times to have a visible base, applied wet the sparkles hold together and won’t move, nor do I have a massive fall out. The moss-green has no real base, it feel like pressed (baked) glitter to me, this means even if you use it wet, there is no solid base, no vibrant colour, rather a hue or moss-green tint. The staying power is good on my dry lids, I haven’t noticed any budging or fading, the glitter will stay where I applied it (with NARS base and used wet), after almost ten hours (it was a long night, full of dancing and laughing). I am planing on doing a whole Chanel baked formula post, since I prefer the baked formula, so I won’t go into detail now.

Essie Head MistressEssie Head Mistress was released this winter (or should I say last?) and didn’t catch my attention from the beginning. To me it looks pretty unspectacular in the bottle, just a nice red. I am glad I swatched it (otherwise I would have never bought it), because it truly is worth heaving. The colour is an almost blood-red but definitely a bold red. It has a rather dominant cool toned base without any shimmer. The texture is runny but not hard to work with and it applied very even.  As you can see (with Seche Vite Top Coat), the staying power is also good, after four days the first tipwear started to show up. I used the Essie Protein Base Coat here but I am not a fan of this base at all, I just try to use it up (more in my Manicure post this year).

Suqqu Blush BotaniroSUQQU Blush EX-1 Botaniro is another limited edition product I simply adore. I also haven’t found any close dupes for this one, there is always a slightly difference in undertone or finish (I think I may be to picky with dupes but honestly, I would rather pick up this blush instead of five other blushes). The colours are cool toned and only the soft peachy pink has very sparse shimmer (if you look closely you can notice it in this pic). The texture is beyond soft and buttery. I used one swipe for my swatches.

All those products in this post I used a lot in 2012, Essie Head Mistress is my newest purchase though. After writing this post, I have to ask: why do limited edition products are that good, or even better (colour, texture) than the standard ones? I just hope, that I will never run out of my Suqqu blush and Chanel lipstick.

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