Best Of Beauty 2012

In 2012 I was wearing a lot of makeup, I played with different techniques, I changed my beauty routine (I concentrate more on oils now) and have discovered some new brands (which will be featured in my 2013 post this week).  It was really hard to choose only my top 10, therefore I picked my best of … makeup, skincare, perfumes and drugstore. Most of the time I wouldn’t say, that only one colour is the best of the best, hence my decision to name the beauty product per se.
Beautysets - Best Of Beauty 2012

Guerlain Parure de Lumiere is the best foundation that has been released in 2012, it runs a bit lighter than Lingerie de Peau (still, the lightest shade is a bit too dark for me, I mix it with my RBR highlighter).

RMS Beauty is a staple brand in my beauty routine, my dry skin is thankful for every day I am wearing a product from this line, if I had to pick one product from RMS Beauty it would be the lip2cheek (my favourite colours are Rapture, Smile and Modest).

Fresh Rose Primer feels more like a skincare product than a primer, I use it on my nose chin and cheeks most of the time (basically everywhere where I tend to get dry patches, it smoothes them out immediately).

Burberry eyeshadows are one of those products that had surprised me by how good they actually are. Smooth, pigmented and some shades are very complex (shimmer). Some of my  favourite colours are Dark Sable, Midnight Brown, Pale Barley.

Dior Addict Extremes are my personal star product from Dior, the texture also feels very different from a lot of other lipsticks I’ve tried, waxy and balmy yet still smooth and long-lasting. My favourite colours are Black Tie, Paparazzi and Lucky.

YSL Nail Polishes are a hit ever since they had released a whole new line. For my nailbeds their brush is just perfect. My favourite colours are Fuchsia Intemporel, Bleu Majorelle, Rouge Dada.

Becca Beach Tints look incredibly natural, yet have enough pigment to show up almost vibrant. No matter how much you apply, there is always a sheerness that allows the skin to shine through. My favourite colours are, Raspberry, Dragonfruit, Lychee.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadows are not only buttery, smooth and pigmented but also the colour range is interesting. They have the best matte eyeshadows I’ve tried. I really like every single shade.

Guerlain Rouge G l’Extrait are my favourite liquid lipsticks. We could debate about the packaging, yes it looks amazing but is a bummer to carry arround.  Nevertheless, it feels like pure luxury. My favourite colours are Gourmandise, Luxure and Colere.

Chanel Rouge Allure are even nicer now (revamped) and the reds there are addictive! I own to many already but one of my favs are Coromandel, Passion, Pirate, Rouge Noir.

Beautysets - Best Of 2012 / Skincare, Haircare, Drugstore

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Moisture Velvet is my the one and only haircare line that has saved my hair from being cut. I use other products as well but Moisture Velvet is the main reason my hair is moisturized, less frizzy and soft. I also adore the smell!

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue is a great ‘helper’ when my hair is extremely dry or if I use a hairdryer (I apply it into damp hair, my hair is smoother and shiny). My favourite oil out of all I have.

RMS Beauty Beauty Oil is my holy grail product in 2012, my dry skin feels replenished and soft again. If you have dry skin you should try at least a sample.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum is the only product that lightens my dark spots. I also noticed a small difference in my skintexture.

Sisleya Eye and Lip Contour Creme is, again, the one and only eye cream that helped my super dry lids to look smooth again. My fine lines, coming from dryness, are almost invisible.

KIKO is the only western drugstore brand I really like. My personal highlight are their nail polishes. To me, the best drugstore nail polishes on the market.

Beautysets - Best of 2012 - Perfumes

Brecourt Haram is my signature scent. I just love this perfume! My newest addition is Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire, it smells a bit different than the first, limited edition version but I still like it. Montale Wild Pears is my recommendation to all, who don’t like heavy scents. I am going to review all my favs and a lot more perfumes this year, so stay tuned.

It was a lot of fun doing those sets, I think I will do some more in future. I haven’t written about every product mentioned in this post, be prepared for in-depth reviews from products mentioned here. Writing this post took me very long actually, never would have thought it would be that difficult to only choose one brand or one favourite product. I was thinking about, if I had to pick just three favourite brands of 2012, my choices would be: RMSBeauty, Rouge Bunny Rouge and Guerlain. What would be your top three brands of 2012?

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