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This is a personal blog and I’ll be writing about anything that catches my eye, sharing what I like and love. I don’t really follow trends, however, sometimes I do get inspired by some and make them my own. I don’t believe in such thing like age appropriate, do and wear what you like, how you feel, the end.

I am a beauty and vintage fashion lover. I like photography, vintage stuff in general and red … red lipsticks are my weakness! I need my coffee in the morning (with cinnamon and a bit of soy milk). My signature scent is Brecourt Harâm (they renamed it in Farah). I reach for perfume oils more often these days though. I believe in only one anti-aging product … sunscreen SPF 50+, yes, even in winter. I like painting my nails. I wear vampy shades in summer. I like winged eyeliner, cut crease. I am not afraid of colour. I am quite sarcastic, a perfectionist, sometimes too philosophical about things. Night owl. I love good music. Playing the piano. Traveling. Red Wine. Ink. Art.