Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes EX04 Peach Beige

Kanebo Lunasol released four Sheer Glossy Eyes available in EX1 Nuance Grey, EX2 Shiny Gold, EX3 Soft Brown and EX4 Peach Beige (fall collection 2012, all shades are LE). They contain 3.6g of product and retail for 2625 円 (yen).

Kanebo Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes EX04 Peach BeigeLunasol’s packaging is one of my favourite out there. It is sleek but still different than a lot of black/gold combinations we can find nowadays. 

Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes EX04 Peach BeigeThe colour description is right: a true peachy beige (I would say, it has a soft golden undertone). The texture is very interesting, it feels like a gel powder (if you press the eyeshadow a bit it is almost bouncy, nothing like the Chanel Illusion d’Ombre though, which are more of a siliconey mousse). It is sheer (not very sheer though) and has lots of soft sparkles and shimmer (a mix between gold and soft peach). Lunasol Peach Beige is a great base for white, milky and golden eyeshadows. I haven’t noticed any fall out while applying, you have to be careful when blending though (the best way to apply it, is dabbing it on and layer to the opacity you prefer). The staying power is good, nothing outstanding. I noticed some fading by the end of the day, but no creasing (remember: I have dry lids and not that much of a creasing problem).

Kanebo Lunasol Sheer Glossy Eyes EX04 Peach BeigeI took the swatch in the evening, therefore you can’t see the whole iridescence this eyeshadow has.  I layered three medium heavy swatches to achieve this opacity. It is neither similar to Chanel Emerveille (darker, not as golden, it almost appears pink next to Lunasol EX04), MUFE Aqua Cream #13 (less peachy), Armani eyes to Kill #9 (darker, less peachy). *I may update comparison swatches soon*.

Overall, a nice basic shade, not a must have though (if you already own a lot of light neutrals, you probably  don’t need this). It makes a great base but works great on its own as well (for example: with some dark cherry liner and lots of black mascara). I wouldn’t use it for a brow highlight, (for me) t is to shimmery for that. You can take a look here for more pictures of this collection.