Japanese Liquid Liners – Comparison

Japanese drugstore liquid liners are phenomenal, they beat most high-end liners, are cheap and (most) last all day and are easy to maintain. If you are starting out with liquid liners or in general, just need a bit of practise, those liners are the way to go.

Japanese Liquid Liners, Kiss Me Heroine Make, La Rose de Versailles, Dolly Wink K-Palette, KATE, Koji Spring HeartKiss Me Heroine Make – the brush width is pretty wide and I find it hard to make a thin line, no problems with more prominent ones though. It also is quite flexible, that means you have to be careful how hard you push the liner, otherwise you will end up with an uneven line. I need two layers for an almost deep colour. It faded a bit after more than 10h, I haven’t experienced any budging though. I also had to wait a bit till it was completely dry.

La Rose de Versailles – the brush tip may appear similar to KMHM but it has a bit more ‘body’ and won’t cave in so easily. I find this one very handy, one layer was enough to get an almost deep black colour. It lasts all day without budging on me, however, while is was raining heavily (I forgot my umbrella) it smeared a bit. It dries quicker than KMHM.

Dolly Wink – probably the star product (they recently changed the packaging and the brush width seems wider as well). Β This liner makes thin lines, is very easy to handle. The only downside may be, I need up to four layers to get a deep black. It last all day, without smudging (summer allergy proofed!).

K-Palette 1 day Tattoo – this really is a tattoo, it leaves a very soft stain/residue after I removed my makeup, it will fade during night though. That’s the only thing I don’t like about this liner. It makes very thin and precise lines, is very easy to maintain and I only need one layer to achieve a deep black colour. It won’t move the whole day. I like to use it for very fine flicks. It dries super quick.

KATE – my all time favourite and one of my first liquid liners I got. This liner does exactly what you want: even line, very precise flick (not as thin as with K-palette though), dries quickly, last all day/night, won’t move. I need two layers to get a deep black. They revamped this liner (here you can see the new one, see my comparison below, new vs old). It is not as good as the previous one (which was perfect in my opinion).

Koji Spring Heart – well, do I even have to say something? I think the swatch tells everything, the worst liner ever. It dried out after exactly one month! (I kept it for this post, only), the huge and thick brush tip is useless … I mean, look at the swatch. It was so hard to achieve an even line, not to mention a flick.

Japanese Liquid Liners, Kiss Me Heroine Make, La Rose de Versailles, Dolly Wink K-Palette, KATE, Koji Spring HeartIf I had to pick only one liquid liner, it would be KATE, even if the newer version is not as nice the previous one. K-Palette would be my second choice though.

Japanese Liquid Liners