Guerlain Rose aux Joues Blush Duo 04 Pink Punk

Guerlain released six new blushes for fall. The colour that stands out to me the most is Pink Punk. I am not a fan of their old blushes, they are not as nice as the new ones for sure.

guerlain pink punk

The texture is not the smoothest and it feels very solid in touch, however, it is more about how they look once applied – they melt into your skin, there is not build up nor a powdery finish, no matter how much you layer. I would say they are all medium pigmented. ItΒ lasts all day on me, without moving, fading, this blush looks fresh all day long.

It comes with a brush, not the best quality and it feels a bit rough. the colours are a bright pink with a hint of peach and deep mauve rose with subtle shimmer. I used three layers for my swatches.

Guerlain-Rose-aux-Joues-Blush-Duo-04-Pink-Punk-swatchI have to say, I adore these colours, they also look incredible mixed together. I am very satisfied with this blush, again, to me, it is not about the texture here but how they transform once applied. They all have a violet smell, it is pretty intense, I like it and it doesn’t bother me. I think Red Hot is a nice colour as well, I may get it but am still undecided. Have you tried the new Guerlain blushes? What are your thoughts?