Shu Uemura Color Atelier Eye Glitters & Silk Smooth Eyeshadows IR115, G251, G311, G641

Shu Uemura released new eye glitters in June, as I already had one before (G white rainbow) and it turned out, those are amazing on top of any base, light/dark/black, I had to get some more (G orange 251 and G blue green 641). They also released some new silk smooth eyeshadows in June, I only got IR pink 115 and G white gold 311 so far.

Eye Glitters are rather sheer with a hint of colour but can be build up. I apply them with my fingers, I find this is the best way to use them. The texture is soft, smooth and siliconey feeling (in a good way). They give a dimensional look and reflect the light. They stay on all day and won’t move on my dry lids.

Silk Smooth eyeshadows are also sheer  but buildable. I apply those with my fingers only as well. The texture is softer, silkier compared to eye glitters. They also reflect the light very nice but due to softer sparkles not as much as Shu glitters. The staying power is the same as I mentioned above, no smudging, creasing or glitter face. Both Silk Smooth eyeshadows and Eye Glitters have a siliconey base.

Shu Uemura IR pink 115, G orange 251, G white gold 311, G blue green 641

IR pink 115 – soft baby pink; pale pink, sparse golden sparkles

G orange 251 – bright orange; warm golden sparkles

G white gold 311 – white gold (obviously); yellow gold, champagne sparkles

G blue green 641 – mermaid blue; teal, medium blue, sparse silver glitter

shu eye glitters

I find them very easy to use and if you love sparkles and iridescent shimmer on your eyes, you have to try those. Due to the soft texture, you have to be careful not to dip your fingers or brush into the product with a lot of pressure, they may get crumbly and loosen up in the pan a bit.