Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #500 Turandot

Guerlain’s Holiday Collection – Liu features the most beautiful products. Turandot, a well-balanced palette, which combines four warm shades and a mix between two matte and two iridescent eyeshadows, is a great palette for both – day and evening looks.

The luxury feeling gold packaging is housed in a velvet black pouch, which makes every Guerlain product appear even more special (I love the small red detail on top). A lot of High End brands have those little pouches nowadays, I still feel Guerlain’s are extra nice.

The case is very reflective and prone to fingerprints (no surprise here, I already expected that).

Guerlain-Turandot gold – a deep warm yellow gold with iridescent golden shimmer, very sparse light pink and light green sparkles. It has a good pigmentation to it, can be used as a highlight in the inner corner (I wouldn’t use it on my brow bone). I also mixed the gold with the other shades and got very interesting colours, it warms up and lightens the undertone.

medium reddish brown – I would describe this colour as a vintage rusted pink and red based medium brown (if that makes sense), even though it may appear totally matte first, I would say it is rather satin. It contains very sparse and tiny light green, rusted red sparkles, not very noticeable once applied.

muted plummy brown – there is something murky about this deep berry plum based brown shade (in a positive way), almost with a smoked plummy base. It is the most matte, great as liner as well. This colour was my favourite one, once mixed with the golden shade (the complexity once mixed is phenomenal).

brown – this warm deep antique taupe-ish brown, is the smoothest and most pigmented of all four colours. It contains sparse light green and rusted pink sparkles, it has an almost warm medium brown opalescent base.

guerlain turandot

All colours are smooth and pigmented (there are slight differences in the pigmentation, I would still call all of them pigmented). The staying power is all day on me, no fading, smudging and budging. The picture above was taken with flash (to show the sparkles), hence the colours are a bit lighter. If you want a more accurate colour of this palette, take a look at my picture which appears on my page  before you click on the post (my featured image). I used two layers for my arm swatches (applied with fingers).

If you already have dupes for those colours, you probably don’t need Turandot. I am more than happy with this palette and can see me using it a lot. My personal highlight is the golden shade, a multi purpose colour, great for mixing with other warm colours, to add something special. Even though this palette is warm, it looks great and not off on my skin tone.