Shu Uemura uv under base mousse & cream

shu uemura uv under base mousse, under base creamUV under base mousse SPF 30 (beige) – supposed to help even out skintone and texture, reduce redness and minimize the appearance of pores. My experience: it is a good base mousse, I wouldn’t say it will do anything special to my skin. The colour is a bit too dark for me (they also have a pink mousse, which was good but I just prefer the other bases mentioned in this post). The coverage is too sheer to reduce my redness, I did see a tiny improvement of my skin texture though (not with constant use, just after I applied the mousse, my skin texture appeared more even). It has a floral scent (but the chemical smell is still noticeable). The texture is a lightweight mousse. My foundation applied and looked better, more polished and it also minimized the appearance of pores.

UV under base brightening mousse SPF 30 PA++ / whitefficient (purple) – supposed to brighten (clinical proven, reduced spot size and improved colour of spots), even out skintone and texture. My experience: this is one of the two shu mousses I really like. I haven’t experienced any improvement/fading of my spots but I don’t use it daily. What I like about this mousse is, that it indeed immediately brightens my complexion. My pores become invisible, my skin texture looks very smooth and the slightly purple colour seems to colour correct imperfections really well. I only need a very sheer layer of foundation with this one. It sets matte on me, however, it is not drying (I try to prep my skin/pamper with moisture before I use any makeup anyway). The scent is floral with a powdery base (it smells less chemical than uv beige).

UV under base youthful radiance mousse / tsuya skin (peach) – supposed to improve skin condition/appearance (youthful, more radiant), conceal dark spots, blemishes and scars, the unique mousse formulation delivers hydration and coverage with an aero-light texture. My experience: yes, I agree on everything! Tsuya could be translated as perfect/radiant skin I think, with a healthy glow. This is exactly what this mousse does for my skin: healthy glow, almost perfect looking skin (smoothed out skin texture, pores invisible). I don’t necessarily use foundation with this mousse, it makes me feel like I don’t need one. Tsuya’s 5th ingredient is rhamnose (basically a sugar molecule that activates our connective tissue cells, you can read more about rhamnose by doing a quick google search). If this mousse will help improve my skin with constant use, I can’t say, because I don’t use it daily (I guess you have to use it twice a day to see any changes/improvements). What I can say is, that my skin won’t feel dry the whole day, looks plumped and soft. I don’t think this mousse is a good option for oily skin though, it might make you look shiny/oily after some time. The scent is very floral powdery, very pleasant. If I had to choose only on Shu base, it would be tsuya skin (but as I said above, I really like the brightening mousse as well). The texture feels solid (for a mousse) and a little goes a long way.

under base cream (pink) – supposed to moisturize the skin (first ingredient is sea water), cover pores. This is a cream product in a squeeze tube. My experience: it comes out as a quite thick feeling cream but goes on very smooth and actually, during the application it doesn’t appear that thick anymore, it also feels very lightweight. It smoothes out my skin texture and covers pores very well, it is not drying. To me, it smells like that powdery face cream scent (if you know what I mean) , this scent makes me feel, like I would apply a face cream, not a makeup product. I don’t have it for that long, so far, I really like it (I still like tsuya skin a bit better though for now).

shu uemura base mousse

Overall, besides uv mousse in beige, I use the other ones regulary. I can’t say anything bad about whitefficient, tsuya and cream pink so far. I haven’t experienced any breakouts, sometimes whitefficient may tingle a bit but that only happens when my skin is so sensitive that I am not going to wear any makeup that day anyway. A little goes a long way with all those products. I don’t think a makeup base is a must have, it all depends what you are going for. I don’t like heavy, thick foundations and never apply a heavy layer. To me a makeup base is a skin perfector, that should take away my flaws in first place (skin texture, dry patches/flakes, dull skin, etc). A foundation just perfects the entirety (the icing on the cake). If I have breakouts, I use a concealer (either RMSBeauty un cover-up or Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer, depends on how dry my skin is and what has to be covered).