Shiseido Perfect Mascara Full Definition BK901 Black | Sample

shiseido perfect mascara full definition

shiseido perfect mascara full definition

Shiseido Perfect Mascara Full Definition BK901 Black has a rather thick and semi-wet formulation. I got this sample a while back and couldn’t figure out whose fault it was, that this mascara (which is getting a lot of glowing reviews by the way)  just doesn’t work for me. The brush is quite nice but nothing special, I also have a problem covering my lashes with an even layer of mascara (YSL’s Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara has a similar brush, not as dense though, but my lashes fall nicely between the bristles). After only one coat, the mascara clumps a bit (no matter how much product I have on my brush, I tried every possible amount). My lashes already are black (fine texture, won’t hold curl that easily, normal length) so I don’t need a black mascara for the colour. After two coats, it just clumps more and I haven’t noticed any major volume nor length. The effect I get from this mascara is nothing a good drugstore mascara wouldn’t do either.  After I have curled my lashes, applied mascara, it only takes about an hour and my lashes look like they have never been curled. I haven’t noticed any budging or smudging though. The pictures below were taken after about half an hour.

shiseido perfect mascara full definition, suqqu kakitsubata

Suqqu Kakitsubata / Shiseido Perfect Mascara Full Definition (two coats)

I used my Suqqu Kakitsubata palette here (dark navy blue used as liner and mixed with Shu Uemura M white 907), no foundation/concealer. You also can see my dry skin here a bit (dealing with some skin problems now, sorry for that).

shiseido perfect definition mascara 4