L’Oréal Paris Rouge à Lèvres Shine Caresse Juliet

l'oreal shine caresse juliet

L’Oréal Paris Rouge à Lèvres Shine Caresse Juliet is a vivid red shade with a soft orange tone once applied. Those new gloss-stains are 30% water based, made in France. The texture is very balmy, almost waxy but not that much sticky, not runny, rather thick. Once applied, it gives my lips a quite noticeable coat of product (aka, I feel that I am wearing a lip product). The formulation is kind of interesting, but I have to say, that it feels way too balmy almost like glue after it has set. It gets a bit sticky and I still feel the product on my lips. The only way I won’t have that feeling is, when I apply a very light layer (soft stain). The finish is very glossy (after two coats). The staying power is about two hours for me (the glossy effect wears of after about an hour but the stain with this shade – Juliet – is quite strong, not as long-lasting and visible as with the YSL Glossy Stains though).

l'oreal shine caresse juliet

The packaging is very lightweight and the applicator is well made actually. It is not as fuzzy as the YSL one and not as pointy (I like the YSL one better for my lip shape). To me the Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stains and the L’Oréal Shine Caresse gloss-stains are totally different. The YSL ones are a true stain (or what I would consider as such),  the L’Oréal ones are more of a waxy gloss with good coverage to me. I wouldn’t consider them dupes at all. The scent is very chemical (with a hint of something fruity). Personally, I don’t like the YSL scent nor the L’Oréal one.

l'oreal shine caresse juliet swatch

L’Oréal Paris Rouge à Lèvres Shine Caresse Juliet / two coats

The application process is a bit tricky for me, I have dry lips (and I exfoliate and moisturize them regularly) but after two layers, I get an uneven result/finish. One coat is ok but I find those Shine Caresse glosses very hard to layer on my dry lips.