Chantecaille Shine Eye Shade Granite

chantecaille granite

Chantecaille Shine Eye Shade Granite is a medium brown shade, leaning taupe. Depending on the lighting it looks more brown or taupe, the pearly shimmer particles add a soft wash of a rather cool toned sheen on top. The texture is incredibly soft and smooth (even with all the micro shimmer in it), feels almost wet in touch.Β I used one swipe for my swatch, I thought it would be rather sheer (like a lot of shine eyeshadows) but this is not the case here, what I like. Sheered out it adds a wash of colour with opalescent shimmer to your eye, which reflects the light beautifully. It won’t accentuate my dry lids, no matter how many layers you use, it sill looks smooth and won’t look powdery. I haven’t noticed any fading or moving, it stays put all day on me.

Chantecaille granite swatch

As you can see from the swatch above, the pearly shimmer is on top, adding a niceΒ  taupey tint with a sheen but the shimmer won’t move that easily. There is no fall out while applying and I get an even layer of colour, no matter how much I apply. They are also available as a refill, which is something I prefer. No matter if it is a refill or not, it contains .08oz / 2.5g of product.

Overall, I think Chantecaille eyeshadows are quite underrated. I think the quality is very good and due to the soft texture and being well pigmented, those eye shades have a staple place in my drawer and makeup routine. Chantecaille Granite is a colour I couldn’t dupe though, I have similar colours but non of the eyeshadows I own have that beautiful sheen on top.