Dior Addict Gloss 363 Dormeuse

dior dormeuse

Dormeuse is a milky, cool toned pink in the tube, once applied it looks more like a sheer, cool toned milky pink. Compared to the shimmer line, the formulation of this pure gloss (without any shimmer, sparkles) is even creamier, quite with a balmy jelly feel to it. It looks medium pigmented (arm swatch), once applied it delivers a rather sheer hue. The finish is very glossy (see first arm swatch picture). Now, the staying power is, again, phenomenal for a non-sticky gloss (up to two hours on me). What I also noticed, after reapplying and wearing Dormeuse for two days, my lip condition improved (my lips felt moisturized and some of my fine dry liplines disappeared). I think, I also would call it a tinted lip treatment.

dior dormeuse swatch

Dior Addict Gloss Dormeuse direct sunlight / natural light

It looks very cool toned (swatch above shows how much product the brush is picking up) and milky but it won’t look as milky once applied on your lips. The picture shows how creamy and glossy this gloss actually is.

dior addict gloss dormeuse lip swatch

Dior Addict Gloss Dormeuse natural light / direct sunlight

I really like how this gloss is catching the light, even though it doesn’t has any shimmer. My natural lip colour is a very light, cool toned, slightly mauvey pinkish rose. Dormeuse looks almost true to colour on my lips, surprisingly, it doesn’t look as cool toned once applied (on me) and the colour  looks just a tad lighter. My lips appear moisturized, smoothed out and slightly fuller. This colour leaves a very soft milky pink stain once it has worn off. There is no product build up, even if you layer this gloss three times (my lip swatch picture shows one heavy layer, basically the amount the brush is picking up).

Overall, 363 Dormeuse, a tinted lip treatment with a glorious glass-glossy finish. Dior Addict Glosses pure feel even more moisturizing than the shimmer and pearly ones. Some of the colours are more pigmented than others, so you might check them out in person, depending on the finish you like/lip pigmentation. I am not into glosses that much but would recommend the new Dior Addict Glosses to all who are still looking for a good, non-sticky gloss. I am in love!