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shu uemura haircare

Story behind: about two weeks ago I dyed my hair (or better, my hairdresser did). I have naturally black hair and wanted something brownish, the result is a medium brownish copper colour, which I absolutely love! They bleached my hair for very long (it seems to be quite resistant) and then dyed it two times (yes, two, they layered two colours). I was sitting there for five hours (my hair was quite long) but I am so happy (this colour suits my N10 skintone so well) – I think for the first time ever (I actually never really was satisfied, when I changed my hair colour). My hair had to undergo the attack of very harsh chemicals, after all those procedures it felt and looked like straw. They cut off about two inches. I knew it would take some time till they will recover.

I ran out of my Shu Uemura Prime Plenish shampoo and conditioner (I have repurchased some products from the shu uemura art of hair-line several times btw) and knew this brand would be the only solution to beautiful hair (not kidding, after I have washed my hair,  it felt smooth again). This time I picked up my go to, is the Moisture Velvet trilogy (the reason for my Shu Uemura haircare love actually, the moisture velvet range was my first ever purchase from shu): shampoo, conditioner, treatment.

Moisture Velvet (dry hair) – contains camellia oil, nourishes, softens and reintroduces moisture to dry hair. Concentrated and combined with essential lipids and minerals, camellia oil provides deep nutrition and moisture to the hair fibre, while maintaining the hair’s lipidic balance. By helping to maintain the lipidic balance of the hair fibre, it leaves the hair smooth and supple to the touch.

Full Shimmer (coloured hair) – contains musk rose which is very rich in fatty acids and vitamin A: Fatty acids meet the needs of colour treated hair while vitamin A helps prevent oxidation and colour fade. Providing optimal shine, musk rose oil helps restore vibrancy to colour treated hair.

Prime Plenish (weakened hair) – contains jasmine essential oils, known for its healing properties. It meets the essential needs of thinning, time weakened hair. Hair is left voluptuous to the touch, feeling light and looking radiant. Jasmine is vitalising thanks to its healing and regenerating power, the delicate scent which exudes from jasmine flowers is equally relaxing.

Shusu Sleek (coarse and unruly hair) – enriched with black cumin oil to replicate the aspect and touch of precious Japanese Shusu on hair. Provides deep nourishment and disciplines the hair fiber with a fluid touch.

Silk Bloom (all hair types) – enriched with rare and unique argan oil, it restores the structure of damaged hair. Combined with ceramides and vitamin E, argan oil helps to restore the structure of damaged hair and to fortify the hair fibre, building strength, body and vitality.

Muroto Volume (fine hair) – enriched with unique depsea water combined with trace minerals such as magnesium. It purifies and tones the hair fibre, providing lightweight conditioning and shine. Hair feels fuller with an abundant touch. 

How I use it: I apply a hazelnut amount of shampoo onto dampened hair, massage it into my hair for about 20 seconds, rinse of. Then I use the conditioner, about 1 1/2 pumps for my whole hair, leave it in for about 5 minutes. Sometimes I use the treatment just right after I have used the conditioner, sometimes I only use the treatment mask on its own (hazelnut amount for my while hair, leave it in for about 10 minutes).

Formulation: The shampoo lathers quite well, depending on how much oil my hair has produced (I wash my hair every other day most of the time though), I need to wash it a second time. The conditioner has a lightweight feel to it but once you apply it onto your hair, you immediately will notice how soft your hair gets (compared to some other conditioners, which feel either thick in consistency or very siliconey, the Shu Uemura one plays leagues above, this is how great this line is). The treatment is quite special, is feels kind of thin compared to other treatments, which look and sometimes feel like butter. What I have learnt from using Shu – don’t judge by consistency. The mask is very powerful and depending on which one you are using, is doing exactly what is written on it (for example: moisture velvet, giving moisture and making your hair unbelievable soft, full shimmer: adding a non-siliconey feeling shine to your hair, etc.).

Scent: the most beautiful scent a haircare line can have, my favourite one is the camellia and jasmine scent. This whole line feels like a small aromatherapy for your senses. All products are scented, there is no chemically smelling rose or jasmine, all the scents smell natural and are not overpowering. They linger for quite a long time on your hair as well (one person at my work actually asked me what perfume I was wearing, after I had showered in the morning and used the camellia conditioner).

Result: maybe one of the most important aspects, is this line a one time wonder or does it actually help maintaining and conditioning your hair for a long time?  The answer is: if you never have used Shu Uemura Art of Hair before, you probably won’t believe in the amazing results this line gives. As I said, my hair looked and felt like straw (I was so shocked, that I forgot to take a picture, haha) and after almost two weeks it is feeling like silk and looking the best it can.

shi iemura haircare 2

This is my new hair colour btw, even though they cut off two inches (only) I already miss them, haha. Both, the left and right picture were taken after I had coloured my hair. I only curled the ends of my hair, that’s the hairstyle I go for most of the time. I put on light (right picture) and you can see how light reflective my hair is, on the top where the light is shining at. I used my Shu Uemura Essence Absolue here and it makes my hair so shiny and sleek (smells fantastic as well btw).

For my hairtype (fine texture, a lot of hair, frizzy, wavy, extreme dry, coloured) Shu Uemura Art of Hair works wonders and I never will go back to another haircare line. I tried a lot of products and never really was satisfied. When even other people notice the difference (like in my case), I think this speaks for itself. Everyone can find the right shampoo, conditioner and treatment in this line. This post only features a very small selection and it is also meant as an introduction to the whole line. I am thinking of getting some styling products as well, years ago I used the depsea spray and Satin Design Polishing Milk with white tea. I am also eyeing the deep cleansing oils (since I love oils in general). This post is quite long and if you made it till the end chapeau!

If you don’t have a salon near you with Shu Uemura haircare products, you can find them at You can read more about Shu Uemura Art of Hair here.

I purchased everything with my own money, I am not affiliated with the links, just wanted to share some sources.