Yves Rocher Rouge Gourmand

yves rocher rouge gourmand

Yves Rocher Grand Rouge Lipstick #33 Rouge Gourmand is a cool red (in the tube) leaning more strawberry red (once applied), it has a soft raspberry undertone (all the fruits, eh). It has a sweet powdery scent, I like it a lot actually. The texture  is quite solid but goes on very creamy and dense and is not drying. It lasts up to four hours on me, which is quite impressive, and fades very evenly. Formulated with camellia oil, vitamin E and sesame oil it softens your lips and adds a bit of moisture, which is a huge plus, if you have dry lips like I do (nevertheless, I always use lip balm underneath). It has a demi matte finish, without any shimmer. The packaging is not really up my alley but I can ignore this fact due to a) this amazing colour and b) impressive formulation and staying power.

yves rocher rouge gourmand swatch

I usually skip the makeup from Yves Rocher but I am more than impressed with this lipstick, not only it goes on very opaque but it last so long! The only downside I can see is the scent, it may bother you if you are sensitive to scented lip products. The lighter colours aren’t as nice (too sheer for my liking) but the reds are all drool worthy. So far, this lipstick formulation is the best I’ve tried in the ‘drugstore’ category (like Revlon, etc.). I am very tempted to get Rouge vif, Corail incandescent or Rouge rayonnant. All pretty reds and I have a small weakness when it comes to reds and vamps.