Lipstick Week – Introduction

lipstick week 1

The next seven posts are going to be about lipsticks! I got tagged by Carina from Softly Sometimes, her lipstick swatches make me want all the colours and I immediately pulled out my reds and vamps. I am still looking for my perfect nude (will be discussed later this week) and the perfect baby pink lipstick.

Browsing through my old posts made me realize, that I am quite shade limited, a lot of reds and vamps, berry lipsticks. I can’t help myslef, I just love those colours. More though, I find it hard to pick a pink or nude-ish shade for myselft but I like it on others. Maybe I am just used to wear red, etc. that I find it odd looking on me.

My lips have recovered from very dry to dry (yay?), thanks to my religious everyday treatment – eye cream. No lipbalm or self declarated lip-blah-blah helped. I had my no shimmer on my lips phase, which is over since my lips aren’t as dry anymore (I find shimmer and sparkles drying).

Day 1 and day 7 are going to be about reds, because (as I said … like 100 times) this is my favourite colour. What to expect:

Day 1: orange-red

Day 2: orange coral

Day 3: the perfect nude

Day 4: café au lait

Day 5: vamp

Day 6: brick-red

Day 7: true red

Stay tuned and I am on lipstick week now! This is also a good reason to finally swatch and talk about lipsticks that are sitting in my drawer for ages. xxx