Lipstick Week Day 3: the perfect nude

MAC Pure Zen, Clarins Baby Rose, Essence Nude Coral, Buxom White Russian

Mac Pure Zen – it looks like the perfect nude for pale skintones, though, it goes on a bit lighter than on my arm, I applied three layers (both arm and lip swatch). It turns a bit more peachy on my lips than expected but I like the colour a lot actually, I don’t think this one can be considered as a true nude on me though.

Clarins Baby Rose – on my N10 skintone it goes on way darker than expected, on my lips it turns more mauve (due to my cool mauvey lips). It isn’t a true nude-ish pink on me. It can be a bit drying when I haven’t moisturized my lips very well. The soft silver sparkles are almost invisible, you can see some in direct sunlight only.

Essence Nude Coral Lipliner – I was swatching some products while I was waiting for a friend and this lipliner got my attention. I don’t see anything nude in it nor coral, rather muted, rosy and pink. It looks differently on my arm (darker more rosy) and lips (lighter more pinkish). This lipliner is very drying and I only use it from time to time. I like mixing it with different pinks and beiges. It is the perfect base for my Buxom White Russian lip cream.

Buxom White Russian Lip Cream – I haven’t talked much about Buxom lip creams and glosses but I really like them, more though, I think they are amazing. White Russian is the perfect nude shade for me, the only downside, it is a gloss/cream! This shade in lipstick form – a dream colour probably. I like the sweet scent, the very creamy texture and the glossy finish. It is slightly sticky (not MAC lipglass sticky though), lasts quite long for a gloss. It makes my lips so smooth and plump looking. My Buxom lip cream family will be growing for sure.

MAC Pure Zen, Clarins Baby Rose, Essence Nude Coral, Buxom White Russian

MAC Pure Zen, Clarins Baby Rose, Essence Nude Coral, Buxom White Russian


MAC Pure Zen


Clarins Baby Rose

buxom white russian

Essence Nude Coral + Buxom White Russian

Besides Buxom White Russian, I wouldn’t call any shade above a true nude on me. I think when it comes to nudes, MAC and Illamasqua have some nice colours to look at actually. Due to my cool toned mauvey lips a lot of colours turn too pink or too mauvey on me, or they just wash me out. I can’t wear nudes on their own, I have to deepen my eye makeup and contour is a must. And I don’t like concealer lips … I just don’t.

Dior has released their nude lipsticks, I have two (Swan and Grège) as much as I like them, those aren’t true nudes on me either. Rouge Bunny Rouge Irreverence is more of a my lips but better shade on me, tad to dark and pink to be considered as a nude on me. Burberry Nude Peach Lip Mist is close to be a flattering nude on me but I find it too glossy and a bit to sheer for my liking, it turns a bit to peachy on me as well. I think everyone has their own interpretation of the perfect nude shade, either more pink, beige or maybe orange based. Depending on your lip pigmentation and skintone, nudes are so personal. And actually, who knows how a ‘real’ nude lipstick should look like anyway.