Lipstick Week Day 4: café au lait

sonia rykiel lipstick 33

Sonia Rykiel Lipstick #33 reminds me of my morning coffee – café au lait, but only in the bullet. Once applied it looks like the perfect peachy beige colour, a shade that’s rather unusual. The texture is creamy but the lipstick itself feels solid. The staying power is about two hours max on me, it leaves a very soft beige stain. I usually don’t go for beiges, I think they wash me out. Sonia Rykiel’s version has enough peachyness to make me look fresh and relaxed (hah).  The moisturizing formulation won’t dry out my lips. Sonia Rykiel has reformulated their Sublime Rouge range and shade #33 is no longer available. I haven’t tried the new ones though.

sonia rykiel lipstick 33 swatch