Lipstick Week Day 7: true red

rouge d'armani 400

Finding a true red that actually pulls true red on me is almost impossible it seems. There is always a tad of too much pinkiness or raspberry-ness in undertone to be considered a true red colour on me. I have the ability to pull everything more pink and some colours even appear warmer in undertone on me than on others (I noticed this especially with a lot of brown and orange shades).

Armani Rouge d’Armani #400 was my first lipstick from this brand and oh, how much I love this colour! On my complexion it swatches almost true to colour – a glorious true red. Once applied (lips) it pulls a bit warmer in undertone, too warm to be a true red on me, sadly.

Since this post is about true reds … and I have a lot of red lipsticks, I can assure you that non of the shades I have is a true red on me. I love them all, I really do but I can’t find a true red, that actually stays true red.

rouge d'armani 400

Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani #400

Rouge d’Armani #400 doesn’t have any shimmer and it sets demi matte on my dry lips. It stays on for a long time, fades evenly on me as well. It may feel a bit drying, especially if you already have dry lips, I highly recommend using a good lip balm underneath.

I don’t have a favourite brand for reds, I like all of the reds I have actually. But what’s special about Rouge d’Armani #400 – I get lots of compliments while wearing it. Even from people who are not into makeup (this also happens to me when I am wearing Guerlain Rouge Automatique Liu – my favourite colour from this range by the way). I don’t know what makes this colour so special but it makes me feel very confident as well. It is the perfect colour for all year round and great for daytime or work (I use it as a stain as well sometimes) and it never looks out-of-place or overdone.

My favourite eye makeup look with Rouge d’Armani #400 is a cool toned (brown or grey), soft smokey eye or a simple winged eyeliner look (a classic look that never fails). Since I adore wearing lace (dress, blouse or whatever), this lipstick fits perfectly in this category as well.

If you love reds and still haven’t tried this lipstick out, you should at least swatch it. I don’t have any dupe in my collection (even if some colours seem to be similar, they set differently once applied).

… I just love red lipsticks! ❀