Guerlain Parure de Lumière

guerlain parure de lumiere guerlain parure de lumiere

Guerlain Parure de Lumière Light-Diffusing Foundation #01 Beige Pâle is a perfect match for my N15 skintone (fake tan with St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse, normally I am N10). This foundation runs a bit lighter than Lingerie de Peau.The fluid formulation feels nice in touch, not heavy once applied and sets satiny on my dry skin. It feels quite hydrating, freshly applied it even has a slightly dewy sheen on me. Once it has set, after few minutes, it oxidises a wee bit, not too much though (I can use bronzer on my face and still look human, Lingerie de Peau oxidises a lot for example).

What surprised me the most is how lightweight and natural Parure de Lumière is looking. It won’t accentuate dry patches nor emphasise any fine lines and pores (just a side not: I try to take good care of my skin with skincare in first place and I always prep my skin with skincare plus sunscreen before I apply any other base product). My skin looks almost radiant, most of my redness is well covered (cheeks, sides of my nose, forehead; but if my skin is suffering from major redness I need a concealer). The coverage is described as medium, while I agree (it is buildable from sheer to medium), there is still some luminosity, sheerness to it. Mild discoloration is blurred while lightly dehydrated skin seem to be a bit plumper.

There are two aspects that haven’t changed and are typical for Guerlain, the beautiful and elegant packaging (glass bottle) and the quite heavy scent, which fades after a time anyway. I use about one and a half pump for my whole face when I want good coverage, I think for medium coverage you have to layer two pumps. Usually I am good with just one (I start in the center of my face and blend till it looks natural, I always use my fingertips with Parure de Lumière). It feels a bit tacky (applied fresh), after I have powdered my skin, it feels satin – just gorgeous (I think it is necessary to use a powder with this foundation, the finish is just nicer and more refined).

guerlain parure de lumiere swatch

guerlain parure de lumiere swatch

guerlain parure de lumiere swatch

guerlain parure de lumiere ingredients

I read mixed reviews and while Parure de Lumière is working for me I think that this foundation is not a good choice for people who are looking for a true medium coverage foundation. This one won’t cover breakouts just minimize them, make them less visible. My main problem is uneven skin texture and Parure de Lumière is doing a great job on smoothing out my skin’s all-over appearance. What I am looking for in a foundation is hydration, radiance, luminosity, blurring fine lines and pores, healthy look, natural finish, minimizing some redness. Parure de Lumière is a great choice just for that. What I am not looking for is real medium or even full coverage (I have foundations that deliver medium-full coverage but I sheer them out or mix them with my highlighters), matte finish, covering hyperpigmentation (I just leave it as it is and use skincare for that), covering breakouts (I rarely have them and if I do, I use a concealer), long-lasting (I have dry skin, most of the foundations last on me all day without fading). Parure de Lumière has SPF 25, which is nice but I always use a 50+ sunscreen anyways. What definitely needs improvement – the available foundation shades. I love Guerlain but their foundation shades are very limited and quite dark, I am happy that this range runs a bit lighter at least but I can see how a lot of inbetween skintones won’t find a match again. Guerlain is going to release a new foundation for fall 2013,  Tenue de Perfection, and I am more than excited to try this one out as well.