Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow Pale Barley


Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow #22 Pale Barley is one of those unique neutrals, in different lighting it will look either more golden or even olive toned. It has complex and very fine shimmer. The soft and creamy texture melts into your skin and is leaving a visible sheen of colour. Most of the time I use my Hakuhodo squirrel brush with it and Pale Barley still delivers enough pigment on my skintone. Pale Barley seems to be their best-selling shade. For my swatches I used two layers with the spongetip applicator (I couldn’t capture all the pearlescent shimmer) but in my first swatch picture you will notice the beautiful sheen.

burberry pale barley

burberry pale barley swatch

burberry pale barley swatch

All Burberry eyeshadows (singles) blend like a dream and feel feathery light once applied. I find, that their eyeshadow palettes are nothing like the mono eyeshadows. The texture is dry and they are not as pigmented. I wish the eyeshadows and blushers would come as refills, I depotted some and it was a disaster. I don’t like the packaging that much, it is a bit bulky. Pale Barley contains 2,5g/.088 oz. of product and is made in Italy.

burberry pale barley ingredients