KIKO Dark Heroine Collection | Twinkle Eye Pencil, Smoky Look Eyeshadow

KIKO twinkle pencil, smoky look eyeshadow

KIKO Twinkle Eye Pencil 03, 04, 06 / Smoky Look Eyeshadow 05

KIKO twinkle pencil, smoky look eyeshadow

When I went to a KIKO store for the first time ever, the product that got my attention in first place was a beautiful moss green eye pencil! My love started to grow and to be honest, I hate to spend a lot of money on just an eye pencil.

Twinkle Eye Pencil

They glide on like butter, stay on a whole day without moving (not even the shimmers) and are pigmented (in my swatches I used one swipe). I hope they are going to make those liners permanent and release more colours. They can be used as an eyeshadow base as well, because they are so smooth and not drying at all.

03 Flexuous Burgundy is a deep blackish plummy colour with subtle shimmer

04 Bewitched Periwinkle is glamorous pale blue with mermaid and silver coloured shimmer

06 Hypnotic Starry Black is black but due to the silver and green sparkles it has an almost shimmery metallic hue

Smoky Look Eyeshadow

They feel kind of waxy and are not comparable to the well-known Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows (any brand). The pigmentation is medium, they are not the most pigmented but not sheer as well. I used three layers for my swatch. It lasts all day on me and won’t collect in my lid fold as well. This shade is a great base for all kind of smoky eyes, which I love by the way. I have worn it on its own with just black liner and lots of mascara and I was good to go.

05 Harmonic Wine is a blackish purple shade with very tiny burgundy sparkles, only visible in direct sunlight.

KIKO twinkle pencil, smoky look eyeshadow swatch

KIKO Twinkle Eye Pencil 06, 03, 04 / Smoky Look Eyeshadow 05

KIKO twinkle pencil, smoky look eyeshadow swatch