Loving Right Now

Long time no see! 2014 is already here (can’t believe how time flies). I missed blogging, I really did. So basically … 2013 wasn’tΒ  good year for me. Nothing turned out how I wanted it to be. Why haven’t I been on here for so long? Let’s just say it in very few words: after almost 6 years I am single again (it’s been a few months now and don’t feel sorry for me, it’s a good thing and I feel great, haha) and well, crazy working hours. I barely had time for myself and I really needed some time, so that things can settle down a bit (moving, work, and all that other stuff, lol). I don’t really have any new years resolutions, maybe some personal ones I made for myself. As for beauty and stuff I don’t have any resolutions.

Below you can find a small selection of the products I am loving right now. I thought of doing a favourites post but to be honest nothing really changed that much (if you are curious about my favourites you can take a look at the posts I have written last year). To sum it up, Guerlain has been (again) my favourite luxury brand (their lipsticks are just amazing and their nail polishes), I found myself lurking more into YSL than usual though. Favourite drugstore brand is still KIKO. Enjoy some pictures now πŸ™‚

caudalie eau de beaute

Caudalie eau de beautΓ© – this has been a staple for so long now. I love the scent, use it in the morning and evening. Can’t tell you how often I have repurchased this beauty. I always buy the smaller size.

lip liner

Lip Liners – yes! Weird, totally not me but I am reaching for lip liners like every day, not kidding. I like to play with different colours and change the appearance (shade) of my lipsticks. Sometimes I am just applying lip liner and gloss on top. I use drugstore and high-end ones and … MAC.

coconut oil

Coconut Oil – it has to turned out, that coconut oil is an all-rounder for me. I use it for body, face and hair. My skin is loving it and this is my only makeup remover I am using right now.

the body shop, rituals

Body Care – I enjoy scented products. Since I use coconut oil as my main body moisturizer, I only use those creams on specific areas, like wrist, neck, etc. I like the Rituals shower creams/scrubs a lot. They smell divine. The Body Shop Cocoa Scrub is an old staple and always gets repurchased as well as the Shea Body Butter.


Depotting – I wish I could tell you that I hit pan but no … I have to admit that I am just not good at depotting. Also it has been a lot of fun and I have way more space in my drawers.

shu uemura essence absolue shu uemura essence absolue

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Fragrance – you may wonder why someone needs a hair perfume? This Shu Uemura one is different from all the other ones, it sets my hairstyle, adds shine and nourishes my hair, the scent is just amazing and lingers for a long time. Never overpowering or headache-strong. I want a whole perfume that smells like that! Yummy!

perfume oils lalique

Perfume Oils and Samples – my favourite Haus of Gloi scent (forever) is Moon Dog. I could bath in this one and I just adore it. Perfume Oils are on my top list and I can’t stop using them. Perfume samples/decants are great for my purse haha.


Essie Fishnet Stockings – the perfect red and a must have for anyone who loves vintage and red nail polishes. This one wasn’t my most worn nail polish though. But that one deserves a post … it is from YSL.

black lace

Black! – Black is a colour I love wearing. It actually is my favourite colour for clothes, especially dresses. Currently enjoying anything with black lace. Adore it.

Hope you are all doing well and I wish you all a wonderful year 2014!