Lorac Unzipped

lorac unzipped lorac unzipped

I have been into neutrals lately and there is one palette I reach for very often, whenever I am in the mood for something neutral, it’s the Lorac Unzipped palette. I like the packaging (cardboard) a lot and it’s a great palette for travelling as well. This palette features ten eyeshadows, four matte shades (Undercover, Unconditional, Unbridled, Unspoken), whereas Undercover has more of a satin finish, five shimmery ones (Unbelievable, Unattainable, Undiscovered, Unreal, Uncensored), which may appear almost metallic in different lighting and one satin with tiny flecks of sparkles (Untamed). The texture of all eyeshadows is soft and they are all quite pigmented (for my swatches I used two layers, applied with my finger), blend easily and after tapping off my brush, there is nearly no fall out.

This palette is mostly warm toned with only one cool toned shade (Unconditional). Since I am rediscovering warm tones for myself, I figured, that I need more matte eyeshadows. I get bored very easily but not so with this palette for some reason. I like the quite soft rose and golden undertone in some shades a lot, they make a great all over lid wash of colour.

lorac unzipped swatch

lorac unzipped swatch

Overall, this palette is one of my favourite neutral palettes. I purge a lot and the Lorac Unzipped has survived many purging attacks of mine, this speaks for itself. As far as swatches go, they never show how the shades and different finishes translate once applied on the eye actually, so I have been thinking of some future Unzipped looks, I can’t let go of my black winged eyeliner though. I have been playing with glitter as well, all the shades in this palette make a great base for some colourful glitter looks.