look mulberry

Not only the fall season is all about berry tones for me, I like them all year round. That particular day, I felt like doing my usual bold and kind of tone in tone eye and lip combo again. I was planning a ‘one brand only’ makeup look but I kept adding this and that and well, using way more than I originally opted for. I took this picture more for fun, at night, and used flash, and it turned out better than I thought, but I had to increase light and contrast to make those colours show up. It also made my hairline looking weird and my eyes dark but I left it that way, that’s life, you will get over it.

While I was working at a law firm, there was no way I could get away wearing such a makeup look, even winged eyeliner was too much. So I am happy how it is now, that people are quite tolerant. Last year on Halloween, I have worn something similar, and while I was on my way home, I got lots of compliments on my makeup, people couldn’t quite decipher if I wanted to be a vampire or a witch … I found that quite amusing, because this was my normal makeup and I have worn my favourite dress that day.

Below are the products I used (Burberry Mulberry photographed a bit weird as well), my eyeliner is La Rose de Versailles (I did a comparison of my favourite japanese liquid liners a while back, you can find it here). Since I only have time to shot in the evening, the swatches didn’t turned out that well, I will update them this week (if you don’t care about my swatches, that’s fine … I’ll do them anyway). The lip combo won’t be revealed yet, it is a mix of lipliner, lipstick and gloss (it deserves a post … because it is so pretty …).

chanel ebloui, burberry, mufe 49, rouge bunny rouge

Chanel Ebloui | Burberry Mulberry | MUFE #49 | Rouge Bunny Rouge Bejewelled Skylark & Golden Rhea

Now onto the fun part … for sure I know what a brand stands for and what kind of looks they present, or what kind of customer they want (not me I guess, I am not elegant and my makeup is overdone … and I love it!), this won’t keep me away from buying products I like. I am not buying high-end makeup, because that’s the only thing I can afford or because I want to belong to a specific group (erm, for sure not, sorry) … yes, I dare to pair my Dolce and Gabbana dress with an H&M blazer and my Louboutins with my Mango dress … omg, my taste is neither exquisite nor niche enough. And no, I don’t have to explain myself. I buy what I like and I don’t care if people think I am not worthy their brand. I don’t care about trends and I don’t care about makeup ‘rules’. Enjoy my non elegant, overdone and obvious makeup look. I screwed up another Chanel Illusion d’Ombre creating this. I did a black and white version of this look (far more flattering imo) … because I like black and white photography … you can find it in my ‘about’ page (not a fan of posting the same picture twice). Happy Monday everyone and have an awesome week!