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Not only the fall season is all about berry tones for me, I like them all year round. That particular day, I felt like doing my usual bold and kind of tone in… Continue reading

Orange Coral

This year, orange seems to be the colour that pops up everywhere. Let’s be honest, as for me, orange is a shade I find very difficult to pull off. I have to be… Continue reading

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow Pale Barley

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow #22 Pale Barley is one of those unique neutrals, in different lighting it will look either more golden or even olive toned. It has complex and very fine shimmer. The… Continue reading

Burberry Coral Pink Blush

Burberry Coral Pink Light Glow Natural Blush is a medium, rather warm toned pink with a soft coral undertone. The texture is pretty much dense (pressed) but feels soft in touch. It doesn’t… Continue reading

Guerlain Cherry Blossom, Burberry Primrose Hill, Lavshuca RD-1

In this post I will feature my favourite lipstick formulas for dry lips, all different but all quite forgiving as well. The Guerlain Rouge Automatique range is my holy grail lipstick formulation btw.… Continue reading

Burberry Luminous Fluid Base Fresh Glow

Burberry Luminous Fluid Base Fresh Glow is a highlighter and a moisturizing base. The packaging/cap has the signature Burberry check and is made out of synthetic material (very lightweight by the way).  This… Continue reading

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