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Guerlain Shalimar

notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Incense, Opopanax, Tonka Bean, Vanilla It’s all about fall and winter, I just love those seasons and can’t wait for them to finally arrive. It’s the time,… Continue reading

Three Foundations for Summer

In summer I tend to wear less foundation, base makeup than usual. When it comes to texture and formulation I rather go for long-lasting, non drying and I always sheer them out. Most… Continue reading

Orange Coral

This year, orange seems to be the colour that pops up everywhere. Let’s be honest, as for me, orange is a shade I find very difficult to pull off. I have to be… Continue reading

Guerlain Parure de Lumière

Guerlain Parure de Lumière Light-Diffusing Foundation #01 Beige Pâle is a perfect match for my N15 skintone (fake tan with St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse, normally I am N10). This foundation runs a bit lighter… Continue reading

Lipstick Week Day 6: brick-red

Guerlain Rouge G #26 Gardner is my favourite brick-red lipstick so far. Usually, I tend to go for bright reds or orange reds but Gardner is a beauty. It looked pretty boring in… Continue reading

Guerlain La Laque 64 Gemma

  Guerlain La Laque #64 Gemma is a rosy pink with a soft silvery base and sparkles. The brush is very similar (not as thick) to my holy grail Dior nail polishes and… Continue reading

Burberry Coral Pink Blush

Burberry Coral Pink Light Glow Natural Blush is a medium, rather warm toned pink with a soft coral undertone. The texture is pretty much dense (pressed) but feels soft in touch. It doesn’t… Continue reading

Guerlain Cherry Blossom, Burberry Primrose Hill, Lavshuca RD-1

In this post I will feature my favourite lipstick formulas for dry lips, all different but all quite forgiving as well. The Guerlain Rouge Automatique range is my holy grail lipstick formulation btw.… Continue reading

Guerlain Coup de Foudre

Guerlain Coup de Foudre, released for Spring 2013, is the smoothest Guerlain palette I own. The colour combination is just perfect (what I would expect from Guerlain anyway), a harmonious play between different… Continue reading

Guerlain Ombre Eclat 6 Couleurs #68 Champs-Elysees

As you might have already noticed, I really like Guerlain. Their limited editions well thought out, they always feature a theme and all products are well matched (colours, packaging). Guerlain’s fall LE’s are… Continue reading

Guerlain Liu Eye and Lip Calligraphy Palette

Here it is, the most beautiful palette this year – Liu Calligraphy Palette! Not only the packaging is stunning but also the colours, texture and pigmentation. This palette contains four powder eyeshadows and… Continue reading

Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs #500 Turandot

Guerlain’s Holiday Collection – Liu features the most beautiful products. Turandot, a well-balanced palette, which combines four warm shades and a mix between two matte and two iridescent eyeshadows, is a great palette… Continue reading

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Shine #760 Lou-Ling

Guerlain’s fall collections, one of my favourites, never (almost never) disappoint me. Since I am a huge fan of their Rouge Automatique lippies and I love red, berry, vampy … you get the… Continue reading

Guerlain Rose aux Joues Blush Duo 04 Pink Punk

Guerlain released six new blushes for fall. The colour that stands out to me the most is Pink Punk. I am not a fan of their old blushes, they are not as nice… Continue reading

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