Guerlain Shalimar

guerlain shalimar

notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Jasmine, Rose, Iris, Incense, Opopanax, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

It’s all about fall and winter, I just love those seasons and can’t wait for them to finally arrive. It’s the time, where I feel settled down, relaxed … indulge my pensive mind, my melancholia has free space. It’s the time, where I more than ever enjoy wearing my perfumes, the musky ones, the vanilla takes over, jasmine is my friend. I am not good at describing scents at all, so I won’t even try. Every single perfume I own, reminds me of something, be it a place, person or a happy moment. I like to wallow in memories, the good ones. Scents make me forget the sadness, the negativity, the pain. I like the romantic and quite naive idea of positive sadness, that one, the fall and winter seasons reveal with the days becoming darker, the lights, the stars (yes, I am like that).

Guerlain Shalimar is my first choice every year to kinda celebrate the end of summer (omg). It makes me feel … just good, comfortable in my own skin, makes me dream (so, basically, every perfume makes me dream about something tbh). It reminds me of a left alone place, where I can just be myself, enjoy the silence, take a long walk. Have worn it a lot last year, so it also makes me feel strong now, like nothing can take over me and bring me down (ha, so I wish). I am enjoying my life again, this scent got a lot of new, positive memories I can go back to whenever I want. Beside my signature scent, Brecourt Haram (renamed in Farah now), which has a special meaning to me, Guerlain Shalimar is my, maybe second most worn scent.

I like to collect scents, for me it’s more like collecting positive memories. When a scent does not remind me of anything, I can’t wear it, on the other side, when a scent reminds me of something bad, I toss it, because it will bring back my memories to those feelings, everytime. As it happens, I also have the lipstick.

guerlain shalimar rouge automatiqueguerlain shalimar rouge automatique

I don’t like pink on myself that much, don’t know why to be honest. Guerlain Rouge Automatique 166 Shalimar, is one of the very few I actually like wearing. I love how forgiving the jelly texture is on my dry flakes. Yes, I have weird shadows on my face (two of them are scars actually, the rest just some shadows, took picture at night), my front teeth aren’t straight nor super white, I am not perfect … I don’t have to be. I dyed my hair something dark (washed out red with some death bleached something in between),  it was a reddish-purple before and the picture is not showing it but it still is something red and purple. Going to my hairdresser next month though and I will see what work appropriate hair colour I get. Also sans makeup, only Shu Uemura Stage Performer and Shalimar. Are you ready for fall?